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On-site Waste Management

We transform your waste area into a waste sorting facility and provide the necessary trained staff, equipment, consumables, management and systems to minimize and manage the day to day waste stream at our clients site.

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Waste & Recycling Removal

We arrange for Waste and Recycling removal in order to keep our site clean after Sorting has been done. We manage Waste service Providers to collect and remove the reduced waste for you.

We source recyclers/transporters for all grades of material and arrange collections by approved recyclers/transporters.

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We work together as a team and always try to respect one another in the workplace to ensure that our Client service is always on a EXCELLENT LEVEL.

Site Hygiene

Bins are washed and disinfected on a regular basis with chemicals supplied by us. Daily tasks are general housekeeping of service areas, waste rooms and back alleys.

Site Recycling Activity

A main refuse area will be identified where the on-site waste management service will be implemented. All the necessary staff PPE, bins and purpose-made recycling equipment will be provided in line with site operation requirements to ensure maximum recycling efficiency. Bins are placed at strategic points and restaurant (if any) back-of-house areas.

Our staff continually checks and controls the bins. Bins are taken to the waste area where dry and wet waste (non recyclable) is transferred into containers ready for collection by the waste removal contractor. Recyclable materials will be sorted, graded according to type and stored in bags ready for collection by our truck. The frequency of the recyclable material collection will depend on the volumes being generated. All waste will be handled in the parameters of strict legislation.

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